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Morning with Mozen Episode #2-Improvements are like grains of sand.

Everyone sooner or later feels frustration with their practice. Remember that ever step forward no matter how tiny or seemingly insignificant is still a step forward. One day two steps forward, on back. Another day two back and only one forward. In time more steps forward and less steps back. Keep moving.


Morning with Mozen-#1-Celebrity Endorsements Don’t Mean Sh%$!

Mornings with Mozen Episode 1

We are launching a new short podcast segments along with our usual full length features. These shorts will feature Agatsu founder, Shawn Mozen's observations and thoughts on current hot fitness topics. Please share and send us your feedback if you like these segments and want more. 


In this episode: Think before you buy that new fancy fitness gadget. A short podcast with my thoughts on the lastest fitness gadgets promising to help you techno hack your way to a better you.

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Episode #7- Capoeria, Gymnastics,- Movement with Amir Solsky

In this episode of the Agatsu Physical Culture Podcast we sit down with Amir Solsky to discuss gymnastics, capoeira, hand balancing and more.
Visit for more info on Amir Check out for more interviews, articles, workouts and training in Kettlebells, Mobility, Indian Clubs and more.


Episode #6-Vodka, How to quit your job and open a gym, and of course more vodka-with Dhani Oks

So you want to open a gym? This podcast is a MUST listen too for anyone who owns a gym or dreams of some day opening up their own space. Join me as I talk to Academy of Lions owner Dhani Oks and hear how he went from training people out of the back of his car to owning one of the most unique three story gyms in Canada. 


Episode #5-Crossfit,law, pizza and gymnastics with Sean Lind

Grab a seat and listen in as I catch up with Crossfit gymnastics coach Sean Lind. Sean was one of the coaches that helped bring Sam Briggs to 2013 Crossfit Games victory. 


Episode #4-The Future of Boxing with Alexandre Choko

Ali, Tyson, Holyfield, the list goes on and on as a who's who of boxing greats and Alexandre Choko has met them all. Sitting in his office surrounded by 55 pictures of the boxing insiders that he interviewed for his astounding book (The Future of Boxing) we discuss his journey and the stories that boxers, trainers and writers shared with him. After a five year odyssey that  had him selling off his gym, and car to finance his passion what did he learn? What did the greats of boxing share with him and why does Shawn Mozen say "The Future of Boxing is more than a fight book. This is a must read for anyone who wants to understand passion and what it takes to make it to the top. Just as business people read The Art of War, everyone should read this book to learn what it takes to turn a dream into a reality."




Episode #3-Powerlifting, Chocolate Milk & More with Willie Albert & Jay Nera

Join us for Episode #3 of the Agatsu Physical Culture Podcast as we sit down with Willie Albert and Jay Nera of Crossfit O-Town to talk powerlifting, recovery drinks, raw lifting and more!


Episode #2- Joint Mobility, Movement & Things That Make My Ass Twitch

We are back for Episode #2 of the Agatsu Physical Culture Podcast! My guest for this episode is Sara-Clare Lajeunesse the director of the Agatsu Joint Mobility & Movement program. Listen as we discuss what joint mobility training is and why everyone should be doing it. Find out why bodyweight training should be part of the the foundation of your practice and enjoy a brand new segment called "Things that make my ass twitch."


Episode #1- Sleep, Sex & RocknRoll

Welcome to the all new Agatsu Physical Culture Podcast. In this first episode we  discus how sleep cycles can dramatically effect your life. Everything from training, sex and recovery are covered in a jam packed 30 minute interview.